Programs & Curriculum

Play & Learn Curriculum

Here at Play & Learn, we do just that! We value the power of play and the overwhelming brain research that links play to successful and lasting outcomes for children’s cognitive and social development!  We adopted Teaching Strategies, The Creative Curriculum®, because it is aligned with both our play-based values and the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.  Our curriculum addresses the learning needs of children from birth through school age by providing both intentional teaching experiences and opportunities for assessing each child’s development. Our center directors and teachers are well-trained in our curriculum and assessment approach.  We are committed to implementing The Creative Curriculum® with fidelity while also integrating the interests and backgrounds of your children into lesson planning.  Every day is planned but also responsive to the needs of your children and the lessons are shared with you, the family, though the daily reports you will receive in our Tadpole App, which is directly linked to Teaching Strategies, The Creative Curriculum®.

Infant and Toddler Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers and Twos helps teachers provide nurturing, consistent and loving care that will help your child flourish. Learning is embedded into daily routines and meaningful individualized experiences that nurture your child’s development.

Routines in our classrooms include everyday activities like hellos and goodbyes, diapering and toileting, mealtimes, sleeping and nap time, and getting dressed. Creating a consistent routine builds trust and forms positive relationships with teachers. Our curriculum guides your child’s teacher to observe your child’s unique interests and growing abilities to choose the best materials and activities that suit their needs.  This curriculum is approved by the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Learning and addresses the PA Infant/Toddler Standards

Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum® for our preschool classrooms fill your child’s day with rich learning experiences rooted in exploration, discovery and play. When children play, they acquire language, explore social roles, learn how to solve problems and learn how to control their feelings. They learn about themselves, other people, the community and the world around them. When children’s play is guided by a caring teacher who connects it to learning, the results are both joyful and meaningful!

This comprehensive, research-based curriculum features exploration and play as a way of learning for preschool-age children through the use of “studies”.  Children can delve deep into the study of topics such as Balls, Trees, or Clothing to name a few, by staying on topic for four to six weeks at a time and embedding learning objectives into each experience. It guides our teachers to create a high-quality learning environment for our children that is based on the importance of play with a balanced approach to include teacher-directed instruction during Large Group, Storytime, and Small Group experiences that are connected to the study while teaching important preschool skills. Studies show that this method of preschool teaching helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills to set them up for a lifetime of success.  This curriculum is approved by the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Learning and addresses the PA Pre-Kindergarten Standards.