Toddler Curriculum & Quality Child Care

Early education for toddlers 12 months up to 3 years old

Quality early childhood development for toddlers begins with a hands-on approach and plenty of opportunities for free-choice and independent learning. At Play & Learn child care centers, our teachers will lovingly guide your toddler through their earliest developmental milestones while singing, dancing, and playing.

Our nationally-recognized HighReach® curriculum focuses on the following areas of toddler development:

  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Social interactions
  • Coordination
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving

Your toddler’s busy day will include plenty of free play and quiet time.  Time will be devoted to enrichment programs, special activities, and learning simple Spanish words. We keep families informed with My Day Progress Reports and weekly lesson plans on the classroom’s Family Communication Board.

Toddler HighReach Curriculum (ages 12 – 24 months)
Designed with the curious child in mind, our toddler curriculum includes monthly themes which are reinforced with books, puppets, songs, free-form art projects and other creative activities.

Two’s HighReach Curriculum (ages 2-3 years)
Developed for active two and young three year olds, this toddler curriculum offers plenty of hands-on activities where children learn through play. Monthly themes encourage problem solving, language development, creativity and self-esteem. We also concentrate on potty training and self-help skills with older toddlers.

Play and Learn

Play and Learn