The Play & Learn Program

The Right Programs for All Ages and Abilities

At Play and Learn, we know every child is different, and every child learns differently. Our educational philosophy is both age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate and aligns with Pennsylvania’s state-wide standards of early learning.

Based on child observations, weekly, lesson plans are developed with individual children’s needs in mind which target specific tasks for specific kids.

From infants and toddlers to preschoolers and school-aged kids, we focus on each child’s cognitive, social and emotional development, communication and language skills, as well as physical movement.

Your child will learn through play and will be given the freedom to make choices that help to foster independence. Activities like sports and music are included in your tuition, while other enrichment programs are available for an optional fee.

Our certified Kindergarten program is aligned with the curriculum of public school Kindergarten programs and is designed to prepare your child to transition easily to a public school environment.

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Play & Learn

Play & Learn