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play and learn daycare center fort washington pa teachers go to school

Play and Learn teachers are committed to lifelong learning, and Play and Learn is committed to supporting them.  Each year, we organize three in-service days for teachers to engage in workshops focused on health and safety, nutrition, curriculum, assessment and other early childhood topics.

In addition to in-service training, Play and Learn supports teachers in continuing their academic pursuits.  Each year, Play and Learn provides financial support for teachers at all education levels.  Teachers can make use of state-funded programs like TEACH and Rising STARs for part of their tuition costs, and Play and Learn provides support for additional tuition costs.  Teachers may also receive paid release time, money for books and travel, a stipend or bonus and/or an increase in their hourly wage.

In the last year, we have provided over $13,000 in tuition assistance to 30 teachers.  With the help of Play and Learn,

–11 teachers earned an initial Child Development Associate Certificate

–6 teachers renewed a Child Development Associate Certificate,

–4 earned a license from the Pennsylvania Department of Education,

–8 enrolled in or earned an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood,

–3 enrolled in or earned a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education,

–1 enrolled in or earned a Master’s Degree,

–3 enrolled in or earned a Director’s Credential Certificate.


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