Play & Learn Centers Receive Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation Grant

Play & Learn strives to serve parents and children by providing a supportive and secure environment where children can play, learn and develop positively and in which parents can have confidence. Serving the Montgomery County community for the past thirty one years, Play & Learn is continuously improving the quality of programs offered at all ten centers. Play & Learn is proud to partner with other organizations like the Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation to provide children with the best early education possible. Eight Play & Learn centers applied for and received this year’s Child Care Center Enhancement Grant. ... More

Play & Learn Celebrates Week of the Young Child

Ryan Leonowitz, 4, was surprised to discover how much he likes figs. “They’re so yummy!” said the preschooler, who taste-tested the healthy treats in his classroom last week.  The treat was provided by Ryan’s mother, Kim Leonowitz, a clinical nutrition manager at Abington Memorial Hospital.  She gave a special presentation on healthy snacks to the preschoolers at Play & Learn’s Gerstadt Center in Abington. Ryan helped his mom distribute healthy goodies like plantain chips, dried green mangoes, petite green tomatoes and figs. Shouts of “Mmmm!”, “I like it!” and “Can I have another one?” filled the classroom. Leonowitz’s visit was ... More

Play & Learn Goes to NAEYC!

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) hosts an Annual Conference & Expo that invites early childhood teachers, center directors, and students to come together and discover the advances that early childhood education is making. This year the Conference was held in Orlando, Florida; home to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. With nine Play & Learn representatives in attendance, the Conference was a great learning experience mixed with some quality team‐building. There were workshops on nutrition and physical activity as well as emphasis on hands‐on learning and open‐ended activities. Play & Learn representatives gained knowledge of new playground ... More

Play & Learn Kids Wise Up with SMART™ Boards

Rachel Rosenthal stood in front of her preschool class, moving her small index finger across the large SMART™ Board, an interactive whiteboard and dragging five animated frogs to their corresponding lily pads.  Her classmates watched in anticipation. “One…two…three…four…five frogs!” proclaimed the beaming four‐year‐old proudly, pointing to the frogs on the screen at Play & Learn preschool in Fort Washington. Rachel is one of the many Play & Learn preschool and kindergarten children to benefit from the addition of a cutting‐edge teaching tool. Nine Play & Learn preschool centers have added a SMART™ Board interactive whiteboard to their educational repertoires. While ... More

Bryn Mawr Play & Learn advances to a STAR 3 in Keystone STARS quality rating program

Play & Learn boosted its ranking in Pennsylvania’s Keystone STARS program and has been recognized with a STAR 3 designation first at the Blue Bell Play & Learn in March and now at the Bryn Mawr Play & Learn. Out of nearly 5,000 Keystone STARS participants in Pennsylvania, only 8.3% of participants have achieved a STAR 3 designation and we are proud to say we are now two of them! When asked why you are involved in Keystone STARS, Susan Feldman, Director of the Bryn Mawr Play & Learn remarked “We want to provide our families with the highest quality ... More
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