Framing the Future

Play and Learn child care organization strategic planning committee gathers at a conference in plymouth meeting pa

Play and Learn has been providing quality care and early education since 1981.  As we look to the future, we see many opportunities for growth and development.  Recently, Play and Learn held a Strategic Visioning Conference to begin to build a 3, 5 and 10 year strategic plan for the organization.  During this 2 day conference, a representative group of our school community gathered to share their ideas and thoughts.  Working with facilitator Andrew Mozenter, President of Concentrics Inc., the group began the strategic planning process by working as a whole to outline the current strengths of the organization, priorities and opportunities.  Once these items were identified and narrowed down to order of importance, subcategories that included Organization Structure, Facilities, Curriculum, Training, Technology, Staff Appreciation and Human Resources became the focus of the remainder of the conference.  Board members, administrators, directors, teachers and stakeholders broke into groups and thoroughly discussed and made recommendations and suggestions for each of these areas.  The groups each shared their vision of where they see Play and Learn in 2027 and the positive growth and development they anticipate.

All of the information from the conference will be gathered by Andy and his colleauge and summarized into a presentation to the Board of Directors.  The Strategic Plan will go to the Board of Directors for approval and adoption and will be communicated with the Play and Learn community once complete.


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