4 Things Kindergarten Teachers Want You to Know

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Kindergarten teachers are passionate about partnering with the families of their students. When families and teachers work together, kids win! Here are four things that kindergarten teachers want you know. 1. Parents Play a Critical Role Kindergarten teachers value you as your child’s first teacher. They are honored to take their place as another significant adult in your child’s life. Kindergarten teachers want to facilitate your child’s continued development and help him learn how to be a successful student in a school setting. What you can do: Welcome your child’s kindergarten teachers as an important partner in your child’s development. ... More

Activities that boost physical development

Play and Learn Daycare in Collegeville PA promotes physical development in early childhood.
Young preschoolers are brimming with energy. That's a good thing in terms of physical development, because it's the repeated movement of large and small muscle groups that builds and refines how well these parts of the body work. Large motor skills (or gross motor skills) develop first. That's why 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds tend to do more running, jumping, reaching, and wiggling than sitting still when using their hand muscles for, say, drawing or for manipulating small toys. But it's a good idea to spend time at both kinds of activities. Here are some ways to boost your young preschooler's ... More

Kids and Bicycle Safety

Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way to be independent. But it is important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy; it’s a vehicle! Be cool – follow some basic safety tips when you ride. Safe Riding Tips Before using your bicycle, make sure it is ready to ride. You should always inspect your bike to make sure all parts are secure and working properly. Remember to: Wear a Properly Fitted Bicycle Helmet. Protect your brain, save your life. For more information see the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publication “Easy Steps to Properly Fit a Bicycle ... More

A Guide to Buying Your Child’s First Bike

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage. The thought alone conjures memories of Mom and Dad offering a supportive start with a gentle push on the seat; that unsure wobble from side to side; the shaky pedaling; the scraped knees and elbows; and of course, the feelings of happiness and pride when you finally succeed. But selecting a child's first bike starts way before the two-wheeler that he or she will ride up and down the street. From tricycles to balance bikes to trailer bikes, there are plenty of options for teaching young riders to put rubber ... More

Benefits of Play

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Bigger Brain Size- Better Early Development In studies using rats, playing leads to bigger brains.  In human studies, playing enhances children's adjustment, language, and social and emotional stability by 33% to 67%. Smarter, Faster Learning and Better Memory In one study, children offered toys in infancy have higher IQ at age 3 and again at age 4.5. More Creative Free play enhances divergent thinking.  Pretend play requires imagining and encourages creativity. Better Communication, Vocabulary and Language Playing, especially pretend play, improves preschoolers' speaking and understanding. Greater Impulse Control and Emotion Regulation Self-regulation is essential for a child's academic as well ... More
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