How to Handle a Temper Tantrum

You're standing in the snack aisle of the supermarket. Lying at your feet is your toddler, who has just been informed (by you) that, no, she cannot have the Cinderella fruit snacks. Her face has turned a shade somewhere between red and purple. Her fists are pounding the floor in fury as she emits a shriek that can be heard in the farthest reaches of the parking lot. The other shoppers are gaping at this spectacle as you wish desperately for a hole to open in the floor and swallow you up. Many a parent has been through a scenario like ... More

Tough Toddlers: 4 Common Triggers for Hitting and Biting

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Your child's sudden hitting and biting may leave you wondering what happened to your little angel. We can help. "No Hitting" Few things can make you second-guess your skills as a parent more than seeing your toddler whack another kid at a play date or feeling him sink his teeth into your arm in a crowded checkout line. But as mortifying as these bad behaviors are, they aren't your fault, and they don't mean your child will grow up to be a bully. "Biting and hitting aren't uncommon at this developmental stage," says Miriam Schechter, M.D., a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital ... More

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We are all born with emotions, but not all those emotions are pre-wired into our brains. Kids are born with emotional reactions such as crying, frustration, hunger and pain. But they learn about other emotions as they grow older. There is no general consensus about the emotions that are in-built verses those learned from emotional, social and cultural contexts. It is widely accepted, however, that the eight primary in-built emotions are anger, sadness, fear, joy, interest, surprise, disgust and shame. These are reflected in different variations. For instance, resentment and violence often stem from anger, and anxiety is often associated ... More

Five Facts Every Family Should Know

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All behavior is a form of communication. Everybody communicates through behavior. An infant may cry when she is hungry or wet, just like an adult may yawn when he is bored at work. Adults and children are communicating something through their behavior during every moment in every day, even if they are not aware of it. A child's problematic or inappropriate behavior is a sign that he is upset and that something is not right. There is always a reason for problem behavior. Children sometimes have trouble communicating, because they may not know the words to describe how they are ... More

Kids Play and Create

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Fake, Pretend Snow Recipes for Kids, How to Make Snow Paint, Snow Clay for Kids So you want to play with snow but it hasn’t snowed yet, it’s too cold outside or it doesn’t snow where you live.  You can still play with snow with these DYI snow recipes for kids.  Below you will find recipes for pretend snow (which are good for children’s sensory activities, craft activities and just fun to play with), Snow clay (for molding), Snow paint (paint pictures that look like snow) and if you do have snow where you live, there is a recipe for painting on actual snow.  ... More
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