Important Product Recalls

Take a minute to view recent product recalls that could affect your child. Horse-on-a-Stick Toys Rocking Horse Toys Shades & Blinds

Play is Children’s Work

Children learn by playing.  When your child drops a toy from her high chair, she is playing.  She is also trying to find out what will happen when the toy is dropped.  She is learning how the toy sounds when it hits the floor.  Will mommy pick up the block?  Will mommy smile or frown?  Does the toy sound the same hitting the carpet or the hard floor? When your child plays, she chooses what she wants to play, comes up with ideas, and tries them out.  Your child's caregiver helps her learn through play.  When your child pushes, pulls, ... More

Did you know…

Did you know...that Play and Learn Pals has many features that can help enhance your experience  while you visit our site?  One of the ways you can help others recognize you and personalize your comments  is to add an avatar.  You can upload an image from your profile link on the upper right hand side of the website in the welcome box.  For best results try and keep your images to 30px or less and equal measurements on all sides. Also if you are familiar with RSS, Blog or News feeds you may also Subscribe to our RSS feed as well.  Your ... More

Happy Monday!

We are beginning our week with a dreary start, but hopefully there is better weather in store for the rest of the week.  If you're looking for a fun rainy day activity for the family, try making Apple Turkeys to gear up for Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Play and Learn PALs!

Play and Learn is excited to launch our new Play and Learn PALs website, a parent portal to important information, upcoming events, curriculum details, photos and more!  Please take a few minutes to search the site and become familiar with it.  Don't forget to check back often as information is being updated daily.
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