5 Signs That Your Baby is Ready for Solid Food

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It’s generally accepted that you wait until you baby is around six months old before you try to give them solid foods. Babies should only be given milk for the first six months and then at around six months old, they should naturally develop a desire to eat solid food. Before this point, your child’s digestive tract isn’t mature enough to handle solids. Although this isn’t something parents can observe, research shows us that this is around the time that babies will be showing signs of being ready for solids as described in this article. Most babies are usually physically ... More

How to Help Your Highly Sensitive Child

Some kids seem to cry over practically everything, but that's not always a bad thing. When my daughter Molly was 3, she cried quite a bit. But nothing prepared me for what I call "the waffle incident." One morning at preschool drop-off, she was still happily chewing a toaster waffle she'd brought from home. When she put her half-eaten breakfast down on a table, the girl next to her gobbled it up. Molly threw back her head and wailed as if a dozen adorable puppies had died. I realized then that some children, like my Molly, are naturally on the ... More

Wacky Toddler Behavior: Sudden Crying

Where is the random, out-of-nowhere crying coming from? Find out what's causing the uncontrollable tears, and how do you make it stop. Your toddler is happily playing with his toy truck when, all of a sudden, he breaks out with a loud, unexpected, and heart-stopping wail. You nearly break your leg sprinting across the room, only to have his tears stop as suddenly as it started. He resumes pushing his truck and making vroom, vroom noises as if nothing happened. Several hours later, the cycle repeats. This time your son is drinking a cup of milk when he lets out a few ... More

Encouraging Self-Expression Through Art

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Craft stores may be filled with coloring books, craft kits and precut models, but some of the best ways to foster creativity require only the simplest materials and few complicated directions. You can encourage your child’s self-expression through process-oriented art: simply put, art that is based on exploration and allows different outcomes, rather than emulating a preconceived finished product. After all, the essence of art is expressing oneself. “When children are very young, they may start making marks on walls and other places parents don’t appreciate. Early art education helps them learn to make their mark on the world in ... More

11 Activities to Encourage Creativity

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A child's education stretches far beyond a classroom; it extends into the environments where she lives and plays. These activities, designed for children ages 4 and up, are fun ways to develop your child's artistic learning and encourage her to think in a more challenging and creative manner. Aspire to Be an Architect Help your kid discover a talent for architectural design! Visit your favorite playground and evaluate what your child loves most about it. What equipment does he enjoy the most? Can he think of a new type of slide? What could make the playground more interesting? Use these ... More
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