Benefits of Play

benefits of play at play and learn daycare centers collegeville pa

Bigger Brain Size- Better Early Development

In studies using rats, playing leads to bigger brains.  In human studies, playing enhances children’s adjustment, language, and social and emotional stability by 33% to 67%.

Smarter, Faster Learning and Better Memory

In one study, children offered toys in infancy have higher IQ at age 3 and again at age 4.5.

More Creative

Free play enhances divergent thinking.  Pretend play requires imagining and encourages creativity.

Better Communication, Vocabulary and Language

Playing, especially pretend play, improves preschoolers’ speaking and understanding.

Greater Impulse Control and Emotion Regulation

Self-regulation is essential for a child’s academic as well as social success.  Kids who pretend play have better self-regulation skills.

Greater Social Competency, More Empathy and Happier

Play provides opportunities for children to learn social interaction.  Whilst playing together, children learn to cooperate, follow rules, develop self-control, and generally get alone with other people.

Playful children are happier, better adjusted, more co-operative and more popular with peers than those who play less.

Better Health

Physical play activities benefit physical health, motor control, strength and endurance.  Effective emotion control benefits mental health.

Life Lesson Learning

Playing out life’s problems can help children cope with the struggles in their own ways.

Play is also a useful tool for children to rehearse skills and future social roles in a safe context.

Better Relationship

Playing is an excellent way to bond.  Happy playful moments in children are some of the most precious gifts we can give our children.


Information courtesy of Parenting for Brain

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