COVID Information

Play & Learn has continued to prioritize serving children and families through the COVID pandemic.  Our Abington Gerstadt Center remained open during the Governor’s shutdown period, serving the children and families of essential workers of Abington Jefferson Health and its affiliates.

With the benefit of our Gerstadt Center COVID operations experience, all of our other centers re-opened on June 15 with CDC-recommended safety measures and protocols in place.

Our daily cleaning and disinfecting, health screening, and classroom/outdoor play safety practices are designed to keep children healthy and happy.

To reveiw our COVID family handbook Click Here.

We look forward to welcoming your children to a child care
enviornment that prioritizes safety, learning and purposeful play!

Stay healthy,
Play & Learn Administration


Erin (Ila’s mom)

The drop off and pickup has been super smooth; stress free. We feel confident in sending Ila that she is safe and In clean environment

Marnie (Dylan’s mom)

I’ve been so impressed with the care and attention of the entire staff as they ensure a safe environment for my toddler. From the curbside dropoff/pickup, to the daily temperature checks, to the smaller class sizes, I feel confident that my child’s health is at the forefront of every decision.
I was concerned when I found out that my two-year-old had to wear a mask all day. But, honestly, she’s handled better than I expected. She doesn’t wear one when outside, eating, or napping, which I like because it gives her a bit of a break during the day.
It was definitely not an easy decision to send my toddler back to daycare in June, but it was the best thing for our family. As the weeks have passed with zero issues, I’m so glad we chose to return. My daughter comes home SO happy!

Holly (Sage’s Mom)

“Play and Learn has been following CDC guidelines closely and seamlessly adapted to any changes that have occurred. I feel very comfortable sending my daughter to school every day knowing that she is in a safe environment and is still able to grow and learn with her peers.”

Matthew (James’ Dad)

I think some parents might be keeping their kids home since they are working from home and want this opportunity to spend more time with their kids. Or maybe they see it as a good way to save some money while they work from home…. We did that for a little while, but it’s so much better being able to send our son to Play and Learn even if it’s only for the AM session! It allows us to focus on getting our work done every morning, while still taking advantage of our work-from-home schedules to spend extra time with our son. And while he’s at P&L, we’re confident that he is just as safe as when he is at home. All of the staff are always wearing their masks at drop-off, and sanitizer is always in eye sight.

Kira (Blake, Savannah & Jackson’s mom)

Play and Learn has been wonderful pre and post covid to my little ones! I am super impressed with the safety measures put in place and the consistency that the center has provided in terms of remaining compliant, safe and practical during these tough times. As any parent, I was hesitant to send my children back to preschool. However, Play and Learn has done an EXCELLENT job with maintaining social distancing during pick up and drop off, sanitizing, pre-screening and implementing new protocols to help keep everyone safe. I highly recommend this center to any family with young children as I witnessed first hand how amazing they have been with ensuring that EVERYONE (children, staff and parents/caregivers) stay as safe as possible while the children are still able to interact, play and learn during the day.

Carol (Samantha & Nate’s Mom)

When Play & Learn reopened, our kids were so excited and ready to go back. Of course we had our concerns, but all of the communications and guidance put in place made us feel at ease. They adjusted well to all of the new “rules” and we felt so much more comfortable sending them out of our home knowing they would be in good hands. Seeing how much they do every day while at Play & Learn is amazing. With two parents working from home full time during this time, it’s impossible to do the same for them here. We are so appreciative of Play & Learn!

Jennifer (Alex’s Mom)

My son has been attending fort Washington play and learn since the center reopened in June 2020 with their new covid protocols. He is in the adventurers class. I was nervous to send him back, but the center sent out a video of what his classroom looks like and a very detailed packet with guides to follow. The staff is wonderful with the kids and encouraging them to wear their masks. The kids have their own bag of supplies that is labeled in the classroom and have social distancing in the classroom for the kids to follow. Upon arrival in the morning the kids temperatures are taken, questions are asked to the dropping off parents, and the kids get hand sanitizer applied. When picking up, calling when you arrive to the parking lot is key. It’s been a great and easy transition for my son!

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