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Play & Learn Staff Continuing their Education

Play & Learn is committed to supporting our staff in their continuing education efforts.  Through partnership with local colleges, professional development organizations and the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Learning, we are able to support staff in accessing continuing education opportunities in order to move up the Pennsylvania Keys Career Lattice as part of the Keystone STARS program.  Play & Learn provides financial support, career guidance, and release time for staff to make use of these opportunities. Look how hard our staff are working! *11 staff enrolled in a Child Development Associate (CDA) class held at the Blue Bell ... More

Abington Play & Learn Align the STARS

Play & Learn is proud to announce that Keystone STARS recently awarded the Gerstadt Center with a STAR 4 designation. This accomplishment is esteemed as the highest level of excellence in completing rigorous performance standards required by the program. (more…)
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