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5 Ways Giving Is Good for You

Holiday shopping can be terrifying, yes. But research suggests it’s worth it: New studies attest to the benefits of giving—not just for the recipients but for the givers’ health and happiness, and for the strength of entire communities. Of course, you don’t have to shop to reap the benefits of giving. Research suggests the same benefits come from donating to charities or volunteering your time, like at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. Here are some of the ways that giving is good for you and your community. 1. Giving makes us feel happy. A 2008 study by Harvard Business ... More

What not to buy on Black Friday

black friday
Black Friday may serve as the traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season, but that's not necessarily when you'll find the best prices. In fact, experts say you're better off waiting until closer to the December holidays for some products. To be sure, there'll be bargains to be found on Black Friday, but your best option on that day might be "doorbusters" — items with super-low prices that retailers dangle to convince you to shop with them — and products that could sell out, such as popular toys. This year may prove to be a particular challenge for shoppers given ... More

Counterfeit car seats are being sold online: What parents need to know

We live in a world where anything we want can be ordered online, and if that item is too expensive cheaper, knock-off versions of all kinds of everyday products are just a scroll away. A counterfeit purse or a cheaply made pair of shoes probably isn't going to hurt the end user, but a fake car seat absolutely could, and unfortunately, they're ending up in the back seats of parents' cars. After KTVB-TV in Idaho reported car seat technicians with St. Luke's Children's Hospital had come across two families in possession of brand-new car seats that were missing vital safety ... More

11 Tips for Instilling True Gratitude in Your Kids

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Teaching our kids to say "thank you" is important, but truly instilling a sense of gratitude in them is another matter entirely. Gratitude goes beyond good manners -- it's a mindset and a lifestyle. A recent Wall Street Journal article about raising kids with gratitude acknowledged a growing interest in the area of gratitude in the younger generation. The piece cited studies showing that kids who count their blessings reap concrete benefits, including greater life satisfaction and a better attitude about school. Sounds good, right? But before we get to the how, let's explore the why. What's the big deal ... More

5 Teacher-Approved Apps To Boost Your Kindergartner’s Skills

If you have a brand-new kindergartner, you may be wondering — or worrying about — school readiness. Many parents of this age spend the weeks leading up to the first day of school practicing academic basics like counting and prereading. And while those are certainly important, most kindergarten teachers will tell you that soft skills like cooperation, empathy, self-awareness, and focused attention are just as essential for a successful transition to school. Fortunately, several high-quality apps are available to help kindergartners start the year off right. Best of all, each has the approval of the teacher community on our site ... More
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