Learning Through Technology

Playing and learning through today’s latest technologies is crucial for a child’s development. Since our founding, Play and Learn has been ahead of the technology curve in early childhood education. We use a variety of technology devices including touch-screen computers and age-appropriate computer applications for preschoolers and Kindergarteners to use in interactive, small-group activities. In keeping with Keystone STARS standards, our teachers use iPads for assessing children’s performance.

We also employ SMART boards at every Play and Learn preschool center to give your child the best leg up on school preparedness. Multi-touch SMART boards support a variety of learning styles in fun and engaging ways. They let youngsters learn together just as they play together, making it easy for our teachers to foster collaborative learning environments that nourish creativity and teamwork.

We encourage children to use new technologies, but we also believe in balancing technology with good old-fashioned creative play. Our teachers work hands-on with children to observe how they are using technology and track developmental milestones so they can make the best individual recommendations.

Through the use of SMART board technology, Play and Learn is helping prepare your little one for future success in elementary school.

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