Keeping Kids Safe Initiative

At Play and Learn, we do so much more than simply install child safety locks and child-safe doorknobs throughout our Centers. To ensure that our centers operate at the highest safety standards possible and stay abreast of the latest safety issues, we have partnered with child safety experts and local municipalities. We constantly monitor, track, and review potential safety issues at our Centers via incident logs, to ensure that we continually improve safety standards. Our internal Safety Committee of staff and board members meets monthly to discuss safety issues relating to our staff and the children in our care.

We also work closely with local municipalities on a regular basis to help us conduct child ID and fingerprinting as well as car seat safety checks and fire drills. And we help families learn how to best choose and install appropriate car seats.

Cyber safety is an important element of our Keeping Kids Safe Initiative. We closely monitor computer usage to make sure that content is both safe and age-appropriate. Access to the internet is not available on classroom computers.

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